Alpine Village Residence, Shutter Salvage

On August 4, 2014, a historic home in the John S. Park historic district was lost to a fire. Located on Fifth Street , it was known both as the Alpine Village House. The house was built in 1935 as a minimal traditional ranch home with a gabled roof, wood frame and stucco structure.

It was known as the Alpine Village House because it was most recently owned by Hershel and Eudora Leverton, former owners of the famed Alpine Village Inn restaurant. The Alpine Village Inn opened in 1950 in downtown Las Vegas but moved several times before coming to rest in 1970 across from what is now the Westgate where it remained until closing in 1997. The restaurant was famous for its German alpine themed decor, complete with wrought-iron grill-work, waiters in lederhosen, and waitresses in dirndls.

The Leverton's love for all things alpine was not only limited to their beloved Inn. It also extended to their Fifth Street home. Over the years they lived in John S. Park, Hershel added a bit to the ornamentation of the home's exterior. He placed lovely scrolled window boxes under many of the windows, installed light fixtures that matched those in his Alpine Village Inn, and handcrafted shutters for the windows each with an inset pine tree.

It’s these shutters that were the heart and soul of the Alpine Village House and really tied it back to the restaurant itself. After the fire, demolition was imminent and we contacted the City of Las Vegas to see if we could salvage some features from this distinctive home. Working with the City and the Leverton family over the two weeks after the fire, we were able to secure access to the site and salvage the important shutters as well as one of the light fixtures that matched those in the Alpine Village Inn restaurant.

The shutters have since been cleaned and repaired and are currently waiting to find their place in Nevada history. Future plans for the Alpine Village house shutters include putting together a possible museum exhibit in the Las Vegas Valley. We are hoping to work with Bruce and Suzanne to include their extensive Alpine Village Inn collection.

We are immensely saddened by the loss of this distinctive home in the John S. Park historic district. Yet we are thankful that in coordination with the city of Las Vegas and the Leverton family we were able to rescue even this small piece of our city's history.