Beverly Green Historic District Campaign

In 2011, the City of Las Vegas hired an outside consulting firm to perform a historic survey for the Beverly Green subdivision in Las Vegas. The results found that the majority of the subdivision had a significant number of contributing properties towards an eligible historic district. It also recommended that the subdivision be split into two different historic districts, as there are different architectural styles and development patterns that give each recommended district its own character. The Beverly Green Historic District is the northern portion of the greater Beverly Green subdivision. The district is bounded by Oakey Avenue to the north, St. Louis Avenue to the south, 6th Street to the east and Rexford Drive to the west.

In September of 2016, Beverly Green was officially named a historic district with the City of Las Vegas! In order to achieve this goal, we provided significant outreach to the neighborhood residents, primarily in collecting the 51% of signed support that was needed to submit the application. These outreach efforts included public neighborhood meetings, informational mailings, and door to door canvases to answer questions and meet face to face with many of the residents living inside the district boundaries. Outreach efforts lasted a little under two years and were performed by NPF staff and neighborhood volunteers.

The 51% of signed support goal was reached in April of 2016 and the application was submitted to the City of Las Vegas’ Planning Department in June of 2016. NPF continued their outreach efforts and met with various individuals on city boards to help answer questions they might have about the upcoming application. These efforts proved successful as the application was approved by all three voting entities, the Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission and the City Council. On September 21, 2016, Beverly Green became just the second historic district in the City of Las Vegas!

Our work in the Beverly Green neighborhood was funded by the City of Las Vegas Centennial Commission, who awarded us a $15,000 grant in early 2014 to help Paradise Village and Beverly Green be designated as a historic districts.

Beverly Green History

The Beverly Green historic district was developed between 1952 and 1963, with two houses dating to 1973. It’s beginnings are in an era when well-known architects built homes for the well-to-do and middle-class.

This collection of mostly custom homes is remarkable for its time as the homes are modest in size, with square footage generally under 2,200 square feet. Beverly Green was home to many founders of modern Las Vegas from Dean Shendal and Frank Schivo (casino owners) to local and state politicians as well as entertainers and business owners. Entertainers Louis Prima and Keely Smith raised their children on Barbara Way as did Hank and Joanne Henry on Ellen Way.