Beverly Green is Vegas’s Newest Historic District

Beverly Green, the Las Vegas neighborhood we at Nevada Preservation Foundation have been working with the last two years, has now finally become only the second neighborhood addition added to the Las Vegas Register of Historic Places!

The Process

In order to make this tough feat happen, the neighborhood had to secure at least 51% of its property owners to sign off in support of the historic designation proposal. This goal was reached back in April of 2016. NPF also needed to hold at least three neighborhood meetings to discuss the historic district designation, which were also attended by the City’s Historic Preservation Officer who provided detailed information on what it means to be a historic district.

After the support letters were collected, our staff worked on the final application requirements, including the Statement of Eligibility needed to explain why the district meets Las Vegas’s Historic Register’s requirements. And then we presented our statement and application in front of three bodies: Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council.

HPC and PC Recommended Approval

The Historic Preservation Commission hearing took place on June 22 and was a great success as director of education and advocacy Michelle Larime presented the Beverly Green case on behalf of the neighborhood. Michelle discussed all of the hard work that had been done to gain 51% support and brought examples of the mailers and flyers that had been developed and distributed to the neighborhood residents.

The next hurdle was the Planning Commission hearing on August 9th. We knew that the most opposition was likely to come up at this meeting, so NPF took extra steps to be ready and made sure the commissioners were clear about the historic designation process. Our executive director Heidi Swank met with the Planning Commissioners one-on-one to help answer any specific questions they might have. She provided them with the flyer from the campaign and answered all of their questions. The Planning Commission also voted in favor of the historic district designation.

City Council Votes Unanimously in Favor

The most recent and final vote took place on September 21 at the City of Las Vegas City Council. The Nevada Presentation Foundation again presented their case in front of City Council and a few of the neighborhood residents were present to speak on behalf of the neighborhood as well. There was overwhelming support from the City Council members, who unanimously voted in favor of the historic district designation.

With the 10 day appeal period almost over and no appeals having been submitted, we can finally say that Beverly Green is officially a part of history!

What Now?

Moving forward, we will be continuing to work with homeowners to increase awareness of the new designation and what it means to be a historic district. This November, NPF will be holding another neighborhood informational meeting with the City’s historic preservation officer so that everyone can get specific questions answered about their home and its new designation. Another topic which will be discussed at the meeting is that the neighborhood also has a chance to develop their own design guidelines. As of now, the guidelines default to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards.

More information on the City’s historic guidelines can be found here. 

In the meantime, if any residents do have questions about their house moving forward, please feel free to contact NPF and we will answer to the best of our ability. The City’s historic preservation officer is out of the office until November, but we are happy to help in any way we can in her absence.

Thanks to everyone who was involved for all of their hard work and perseverance!

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