Celebrating Preservation in Paradise Palms

We are very happy to announce that the first phase of Paradise Palms was approved as Clark County’s FIRST historic neighborhood by county commissioners in early February! Way to go!

The entire subdivision of Paradise Palms consists of a little more than 1000 homes. In order to make the historic designation process more manageable, the neighborhood was split into multiple phases. The new historic neighborhood applies only to Phase I, and is made up of 216 homes.  The newly designated area is bounded (approximately) by Desert Inn Road (north), Commanche Drive (south), Seneca Drive (east), and Oneida Way (west), and incorporates Units 1, 2, and 9, and portions of Units 3 and 5.

A Brief History

The majority of Phase I was developed by Paradise Homes, a local development company owned by Merv Adelson and Irwin Molasky. Local architect Hugh E. Taylor and Southern California architects Palmer and Krisel designed most of the homes in this portion of Paradise Palms. A small part of Unit 9, however, was developed by Val and Lee Valentine of Vallee Development Company, and a handful of the homes are also custom builds, like the notable Kaufman House located on the south end of Dakota Way. All of the homes were designed using Modern architectural principles of the mid-century and is reflected in the contemporary ranch type housing and varied elevations found within the historic neighborhood. In addition, the architecture of Paradise Palms was largely influenced by earlier residential subdivisions located in Palm Springs and Southern California, that led to a similarity in architectural styles, massing and materials, resulting in a cohesive look for the newly designated neighborhood. Common features include varied roof lines (flat, asymmetrical sheds, and the beloved butterfly roof), prominent decorative block screens that create private outdoor spaces, and varied exterior finishes, including Masonite (wood) siding, block, and smooth-coat stucco. The new designation helps protect these key features which have come to define the architectural character of the neighborhood.

Deserving of Praise

The designation process took just under three years from start to finish, and wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the residents themselves. We’d like to call out some of the key players for their tireless efforts, and monetary support with this Phase I campaign.

Clair Canup
Dave Cornoyer
Chris Harvey
Dana Harvey 
Clay Heximer
Denise Heximer 
Jeremy Kip
April Richards
Becky Spriegel
Dan Stafford

These folks participated in multiple neighborhood canvases, volunteered to help complete some of the administrative items in completing the application, and made major donations to the campaign to help fund NPF’s efforts in the neighborhood. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you!

Of course, many other residents volunteered their time and funds to the campaign as well. No effort is too small, and no donation too little. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to these efforts. We could not have done it without each and every one of YOU!

Phase II Starting Now

With Phase I under our belts, we are moving on to Phase II! Phase II encompasses the houses surrounding the National Golf Course, as well as the homes just south of the course, including Stellar Greens. The Phase II area is a total of just under 300 homes! Our initial outreach efforts for this second campaign are beginning this Spring, and we are kicking off with a fundraiser to help raise money to support these efforts. Our Home + History 2017 weekend opens with the Welcome Reception: Preserving Paradise Palms at the Historic Westside School, and all proceeds collected during this event will go directly to the Phase II efforts for historic designation in Paradise Palms!

Buy tickets to the Welcome Reception: Preserving Paradise Palms.

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