From the Box to the Butterfly: Air, Light, and Utopia

Join us Saturday July 18th,  for a fascinating exploration and discussion of how we left behind the closed box building of the early 20th century and transformed it into the butterfly roofs and open spaces of mid-century architecture in only a matter of decades.

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NPF’s Architect & Anthropologist will be on hand to engage the audience in the film Air, Light, and Utopia: The Modern Movement in Architecture. This film focuses on a critical period in the transformation of architecture, as we know it. Between the two world wars, the projects of Modern Architecture and social reform found their common ground and came together as a single endeavor.

Architecture during this era was less about just building housing and more about making life, especially for the working classes, better. Through the use of new materials and new technologies that encompassed all aspects of living, this project sought to fill the gap between art and life for all classes. Come in, cool off, and learn how and why our fabulous modern buildings came about.

This event is part of the Modernism at Risk exhibit, brought to you by the Nevada Preservation Foundation, Springs Preserve, and World Monuments Fund. The exhibit runs from July 2 through September 6 and will include monthly events related to the exhibit.

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