How Do I Get Involved?

Are you interested in being a part of a unique group of people who are passionate about historic preservation, architecture, vintage neighborhoods, and celebrating Nevada's cultural heritage? Then our VIP Program might be for you!

Volunteers in Preservation (VIP) Program

Volunteering for NPF is a great way to show your pride in Nevada’s history and architectural heritage. It’s also a great way to learn about your community and meet new friends!

What types of volunteer roles are available?

Our most frequent volunteer needs are as follows:

  • Tour Guides/ Tour Leads:

NPF tour guides study NPF-created tour materials to deliver walking, bus, or bike tour programs. Preference will be given to volunteers who are committed to delivering the tour multiple times for a variety of audiences. Tours are available for the public, special requests, or private groups. A "tour lead" is a senior tour guide who advises and aids with tour improvements and additional research.

  • Field Workers:

Volunteer field workers help NPF develop and maintain tour programs by reviewing potential new tour destinations in the field. Field workers review locations for general visual appeal, safety, accessibility, and user-friendliness. Field Workers should be comfortable with photography and/or informal modeling as a “test participant.”

  • Photographers:

Do you love photographing interesting buildings? Put your skills to work at NPF. Photos would be used in NPF print materials, website and/or social media, and business presentations.

  • Researchers:

Help develop or improve the next NPF tour as a volunteer researcher. Topics are assigned based on interest and upcoming program needs. Outside heritage tourism programs, volunteer researchers can share their newfound knowledge on the NPF blog or at a volunteer social.

  • Event Support:

Event support volunteers act as hands-on helpers during tours and special events. Examples include: greeters, registration attendants, human arrows, delivery, set up, tear down, clean up, etc.

  • Administrative Support:

Do you enjoy office tasks? Administrative support tasks can include: Data entry, scanning, printing, organizing, mail stuffing, etc.

  • Everyday Champions:

You don’t have to be assigned a “defined” task in order to be part of NPF's volunteer community. Simply spreading the word about NPF programs is a huge help!

  • Writers/Bloggers:

Help NPF revive the blog site! Write short, informal articles about significant people and/or places related to NPF programs.

What is the time commitment?

Volunteer tasks and assignments are highly variable. Some tasks, such as event support, can be a one-time commitment. Whereas tour guiding and research can be ongoing assignments. We encourage all volunteers to participate in volunteer socials and to frequently check this website to stay informed about new opportunities and volunteer news.

History Hangouts- Volunteer Social Events

NPF volunteers work hard…. But we also have fun! History Hangouts is a quarterly social program that provides a forum for NPF volunteers to meet new friends, share their NPF and local history experiences, and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

How do I sign up?

Please email Please include your phone number in order to set up a phone conversation.

Volunteer Activities