On August 20th, the Nevada Preservation Foundation held an exclusive event at a glamorous, second owner home on Dakota Way in Paradise Palms. There were only 50 tickets available, and we almost sold out. While we always think no reason is needed to hang out in a cool historic home, we did have a couple of objectives in holding this event.

Benefit for Paradise Palms’ Campaign

First, the early 1960s portion of Paradise Palms – in which this home is located – is in the final stages of their campaign to be named Clark County’s first Historic Neighborhood! However, we have run into a few operational hurdles in getting the application in. While we aren’t surprised as this is the first time this ordinance is being used, we need to raise some funds to help cover these last costs. So NPF used this event as a fundraiser to help with these last efforts.

If you would like to make a donation to the Paradise Palms I campaign, please call our executive director at 855.968.3973, Ext. 701.

Preview Party for Home + History Las Vegas 2017

Secondly, as many of you know, with the past two years of amazing success for our Home Tour, we are expanding this event into Home + History Las Vegas. It will be an annual weekend of all things related to historic Las Vegas. We have an amazing history of mobsters, architects, entertainers, celebrities and many others to tell! And this is the perfect way to do it.

One of the events that will happen during Home + History is a tour of a single, fabulous home, like the Kaufman house where we held this event. In order to give everyone an idea of what Home + History will be like, our executive director gave attendees and media a talk through the upcoming events for Home + History 2017. Afterward, education and advocacy director Michelle Larime led the group on a tour through this amazing home.

The Kaufman House

Herb and Irene Kaufman’s home was a custom build in 1968. At 4,432 square feet, it has four bedrooms and three baths. It also boasts a billiards room with a floor-to-ceiling rock wall and fireplace, a lanai complete with a bar that overlooks an amazing swimming pool with a slide and diving board, and of course a formal dining room and spacious living room.

From 1968 until 2010, Herb and Irene lived in this home. After Herb’s passing in April of that year, Irene stayed in the home until 2015 when it was sold to Brian Cawley. Irene raised the children and was active in the community, while Herb ran a local chain of retail stores called Wonder World for over 20 years. Later on in life, Herb joined with Johnny Carson of Tonight Show fame to purchase KVVU TV-5. In addition to Herb’s business pursuits, he was also an active philanthropist on countless boards and was a long time president of Temple Beth Sholom. I had the pleasure of meeting Irene a few times and she was always more than lovely and welcoming.

The Hollywood Regency Style

The home itself remains much the way it did in 1968. Little has been changed and at NPF we are all the happier for it. This home is in the Hollywood Regency style that emerged late in the mid-century and focused on glamour and opulence. Perhaps one of the more unique, mid-century styles we have here in Las Vegas is the Hollywood Regency style of interior design. Like the name suggests, the style was popularized by Hollywood films during the late ’50s, ’60s and even into the early ’70s. As with all things Hollywood even now, the film industry took modern design to new extremes. Films began to portray the idea of extravagant and lavish lifestyles through an eclectic mix of ornamental design, heavy patterns and textures, and concentrated color applications. While the interior architecture and space was essentially modern, these eclectic and ornate spaces began to represent glamour, sophistication and wealth. In the world of films in particular, the interior style of Hollywood Regency was used to showcase bachelor pads, powerful, single men and wealthy, sophisticated women. Films popularized Hollywood Regency as it was perceived as an exorbitant style that few could afford, but everyone could covet. It is quite common to see this type of interior in many of Vegas’ old, time-capsule homes.

As films in the ’60s became increasingly suggestive, Hollywood began to use Roman and Grecian design to portray a glamorous and gloriously self-indulgent lifestyle. Classical forms, motifs, sculptures and artworks began to populate modern space and communicated the idea of worldly culture and sophistication to the audience. This style is known today as the Greco-Roman style, which is a sub-type of Hollywood Regency and seems to be particularly popular here in Las Vegas. It’s probably safe to assume that Caesar’s Palace, which opened in 1966, was heavily influenced by this subset of Hollywood Regency and the associations this kind of design had in the public eye. The opening of Caesar’s Palace also probably had a hand in making the Greco-Roman design especially popular here among Vegas’ past well-to-do citizens.

A Big Thank You

The Nevada Preservation Foundation would like to thank the home’s current owners Brian Cawley and Wendy Caron for donating the use of this home for our fundraiser and preview party. The Kaufman home is currently available for monthly rentals and with its meticulously maintained interior and exterior, it might be an excellent place for family to stay when they visit or for a business that often brings in consultants for mid-length stays. With the lovely original furniture and amazingly beautiful interior, it might even be a perfect place for a nice long staycation!

More information on a monthly rental of this amazing time capsule home.

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