Heritage Tourism Strategic Planning

Sustainable Cultural Heritage Tourism Planning and Development must be locally driven to accurately reflect the culture, values, and goals of a community or heritage area.  Collectively, a community must decide what resources it wants to share with visitors and then work together to develop a strategy that benefits everyone.  The team at NPF will collaborate with your community and its other municipalities, local tourism professionals, and other relevant stakeholders to identify and obtain information on cultural heritage tourism assets.

NPF will assist your organization, step-by-step, through the strategic destination planning process. We will work with you to develop and implement an effective and sustainable plan for success – whether you lead a government agency or a non-profit.  NPF will facilitate the conceptualization of the local partners’ vision; help define cultural heritage tourism goals, and provide strategies and recommend actions to achieve sustainable tourism planning and development

For any Heritage Tourism Planning Services, please contact Suzey Van Ness at suzey@NevadaPreservation or (855) 968-3973, Ext. 704.