A Celebration of Vegas Cool

April 25 - 28, 2024 | Las Vegas

Home + History Las Vegas celebrates Southern Nevada's captivating history fostering an appreciation of historic and important architecture in the Las Vegas Valley.

Hot History, Cold Cocktails and Sizzling Street Art

April 26 and April 27 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to Hot History, Cold Cocktails, and Sizzling Street Art Walking Tour in the famous 18b: The Las Vegas Arts District! Tickets only $50.


Home + History Las Vegas –The Largest and Longest-Running Heritage Tourism Event in Southern Nevada

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Experience Las Vegas and Southern Nevada History with Walking Tours, Scenic Drives, and Guided Tours of Historic Venues and Businesses

Home + History Las Vegas is Nevada’s premier heritage tourism festival, created and developed by the Nevada Preservation Foundation, which celebrates Southern Nevada’s captivating and iconic history by fostering an appreciation of our cultural heritage and important architecture. By creating a fun and engaging series of events over four days each spring, HHLV promotes, educates, and advocates for the preservation of Southern Nevada’s architectural resources, as well as breeds, renewed interest in preservation, urban sustainability, adaptive re-use, and community development through a variety of heritage tourism programming.

Going Beyond Tourism By Delivering Programs That Support Historic Preservation In Our Community

The Nevada Preservation Foundation launched Home + History Las Vegas in 2016 as a community program to cultivate an appreciation of historically significant residential and commercial architecture. As interest and enthusiasm increased by 2017, NPF  established Home + History as an annual heritage tourism festival. The Home + History events are traditionally held the last weekend in April as a kickoff to May as Preservation Month and capitalizing on the (typically) pleasant Southern Nevada weather for outdoor tours and events.

Presently, Home + History Las Vegas organizes a variety of events (2023 featured 48 events over the course of 3 days) that celebrate Southern Nevada’s captivating and iconic heritage, prominent figures, significant residential and commercial architectural styles and architects, and highlight preservation education and community partnerships for both locals and visitors. These events share the stories, built environments, and vibrant histories that have shaped Las Vegas into the world’s most iconic city.

At the core of HHLV’s mission is the belief that by immersing ourselves in the stories of the past, we gain a profound understanding of our present and a clearer vision for the future. Through a meticulously curated series of fun and engaging events, HHLV breathes life into the narratives of Las Vegas’ architectural wonders, shedding light on the historical significance and preserving their legacy for generations to come.

About the One-of-a-Kind Festival Celebrating Las Vegas History



Home + History Las Vegas, the largest heritage tourism festival in Las Vegas, achieves its success through a diverse array of programs delivered by local historians in the neighborhoods, commercial centers, and unique historic venues. These passionate individuals research, write, and share their own content, showcasing our cultural heritage through captivating storytelling in a variety of tours, events, and educational seminars (new for 2024!). Join our team for a weekend of engaging events like Walk + Talks, Drive + Views, Learn + Talks, Sip + Views, and Ride + Talks (link to events page). We promote, educate, and advocate for Las Vegas’ architectural and cultural preservation. Join us to create energy, relevance, and conversation around local heritage and the need for preservation, urban sustainability, and community development–and even enjoy cocktails in rarely-seen historic venues!

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Nevada Preservation Foundation’s mission is to preserve and revive historic buildings in Nevada while promoting cultural heritage and tourism. Our efforts to retain and restore the built environment foster a sense of place and engage both residents and visitors. Preservation is not only about history but also enhances neighborhoods, creates jobs, diversifies tourism, and promotes conservation. For more information on our projects, visit our website: www.nevadapreservation.org.

Our Management Team

Amy Raymer

Program Committee Chair + Board Member

Paige Fignanbaum

Program Manager + Historian + Research Lead

Historians + Content Developers + Tour Guides

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Home Tour Co-Lead + Tour Guide

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Tani White

Home Tour Co-Lead + Tour Guide

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Home + History Las Vegas is largely funded through a generous grant from the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial. You can show your support for programming like HHLV by sporting a Centennial license plate on your vehicle, a special commemorative plate still available through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The plate features the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign designed by Betty Whitehead Willis in 1959, which still stands in the median island south of Tropicana Avenue on Las Vegas Boulevard.