Neighborhood Historic Districts

Is your neighborhood at least forty years old? Do you and your neighbors love your neighborhood and want to learn more about it?

Nevada Preservation provides support and logistics to neighborhoods that are interested in getting their neighborhood's history recognized.The process takes a bit of time, but we will step you through the process and assist with writing the nomination and representation at public meetings. Neighborhoods are the core of what we do!

There are three levels of designation: national, state and local. Each type of registration has its own benefits. We can recommend which register would be most beneficial and take control of the application process. Complete applications require research, possible community outreach and an understanding of the requirements of each type of register. We have the knowledge and staff to support all aspects navigating the historic designation process.

We can come to your next neighborhood meeting and answer any questions you and your neighbors may have. Contact Rosie at (855) 968-3973, Ext. 705 for more information about neighborhood historic designations.

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