Historic Resource Surveys + Rehabilitation Strategy

Nevada Preservation conducts historic resource surveys and contexts and provides overall strategy advice for working with your older or historic building. Historic resource surveys are important tools for identifying, evaluating, and understanding historic buildings, structures, sites, and objects. Historic contexts provide insights into the story of a resource. Together these tools are the backbone to determining the historic significance of a resource and if it might qualify for historic designation or federal historic tax credits. Our staff can provide you with start to finish historic resource survey work and context development.

In addition, we also work with individual building owners to develop strategies for rehabilitating their older and historic buildings. We understand that buildings need to work. Gone are the days when historic preservation was about just preservation. Nevada Preservation can help you to develop a plan for your building, seek out funding sources to make it happen, and work with you all the way through to project completion.

Contact Heidi at (855) 968-3973, Ext. 701, if you are interested in these services or would like a comprehensive list of our completed projects.

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