Elizabeth Taylor Home

Liz Taylor with view numbers

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher

When Elizabeth Taylor was married to husband, Eddie Fisher, they purchased this home designed by Hugh Taylor in the Desert Inn Estates along Twain Road. This house was originally designed as tract home #3 for the Paradise Construction Corporation in June of 1958. Some notable features of the house are the atrium with a fountain, the central fireplace in the living room, and the clerestory windows that allow natural light to enter through all the rooms.

Click on the links below for a 360 degree panorama view of each numbered space.

  1. Exterior View
  2. Entry View
  3. Living Room corner view
  4. Dining Room
  5. Master Bedroom
  6. Bedroom 1
  7. Bedroom 2
  8. Living room entrance

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Hugh E. Taylor Archive: Plan #3 Paradise Construction Corporation