Meet Michelle Larime, NPF’s New Director of Education and Advocacy

You know that you’ve made it as an organization when you have to start paying payroll tax! Or something like that. In this case, NPF is very excited to announce that we have our first official staff member. Our new Director of Education and Advocacy, Michelle Larime, will start in this position on March 7th. In this role, Michelle will take over the oversight of all of our programming and will work on the ground with our historic neighborhood clients.

Many of you already know Michelle, as she has been heavily involved with NPF since our beginning. Michelle has volunteered her time in a number of ways, including chairing the NPF Communications Committee, writing for, editing and publishing the monthly Preservation Press and helps to monitor our social media accounts. In addition, Michelle lives in Beverly Green, one of our historic neighborhood clients, and has volunteered time canvassing and generating support for Beverly Green becoming a historic neighborhood.

Michelle has actually worked for us before as well, acting as the Interim Executive Directive during the 2015 legislative session. During that time, she worked closely with the programming committee and planned many of last year’s successful events including our Home Tour 2015 and the Modernism at Risk event series. In addition, Michelle recently finished working with the State Historic Preservation Office on a grant project which funded research on Hugh E. Taylor and his architectural contributions to Paradise Palms.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s of Architecture from California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo and experience in architectural design, project management, and event design and coordination. More importantly, she has shown a demonstrated interest in and dedication to historic preservation, and her past experience with us makes her an incredible fit for this role. We are very lucky to have her on board with us at NPF and look forward to achieving great things with her help.

Welcome Michelle!

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