Meet NPF’s Volunteers

Volunteer today! Since the creation of our organization, one of Nevada Preservation Foundation’s goals has been to engage with our community members through events and volunteer opportunities. Volunteering provides our members with a chance to give input and experience preservation in action. It also helps to strengthen community relationships and meet other like-minded individuals here in Las Vegas. Speaking of, lets meet some of our fabulous volunteers now!


Mi Ann Bennett is a freelance bookkeeper who moved to Las Vegas in 2004. Mi Ann moved to the John S Park historic district in 2011 and loves her little, old house and the friendships she has made there. Mi Ann recently graduated from UNLV with a BA in Anthropology, and has always been interested in how we, as humans, foster community and cherish and preserve our history. As NPF’s first member and volunteer, Mi Ann has been involved since day one, helping out with the bookkeeping and accounting that keeps NPF running in the clear.

“It was a no-brainer for me to volunteer for NPF – an organization that does both of those things and makes Las Vegas an even nicer place to live. And as a teenager my favorite band was The Kinks, and my favorite album of theirs is still “The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society” – need I say more?”

Mitchell Cohen is originally from Boston, but has lived in the Las Vegas Valley for over 30 years. Mitch worked as a Deputy District Attorney for Clark County and after he retired, began volunteering as a docent at the now defunct Las Vegas Art Museum and the Neon Museum. Mitch is now employed as Lead Docent of the Neon Museum. He has worked and attended historic preservation events for years and when he heard Heidi speak at an event at the Neon Museum, he thought that NPF would be a great way to become more involved in the historic preservation community. Mitch currently volunteers on the Program Committee, and is one of the many working behind the scenes, putting together NPF’s events and education programming.

“Volunteering on the Events Committee has been a great way to meet people interested in preserving Las Vegas’s past and to raise awareness about historic preservation in the City.”

Patrick Coleman became acquainted with NPF through the historic district designation efforts that are currently underway in Beverly Green and Paradise Village. As an advocate for preservation, Patrick has been working with NPF on neighborhood canvassing efforts to gain support for becoming a historic district. Eventually, Patrick expanded his role in NPF and is now NPF’s volunteer coordinator. Working closely with the Program Committee, Patrick ensures we have enough volunteers to staff our events and keeps things organized on the volunteer front.

“As one of the volunteer coordinators at Macys Fashion Show , volunteering with NPF became a natural extension to add to my other activities. I’ve lived in Vegas since 1997 and am happy to support efforts to preserve our rich past.”

Kristina Marcus is a Las Vegas native with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Communication Studies and a minor in Philosophy. She wet her feet in the world of communications as a press assistant for Senator Harry Reid on Capitol Hill and spends her days yelling at politicians on television. She also knows 87% of the answers on Jeopardy, despises people who can’t pronounce “Nevada” correctly, and runs a weekly trivia every Thursday at Atomic Liquors. In addition, Kristina works as NPF’s social media expert and with the Communications Committee on spreading the word for preservation.

“As a Las Vegas native, I am extremely protective of my home town and Nevada in general. I’ve never liked how Las Vegas destroys history by imploding buildings, and the way the town is always trying to make everything shiny and new. Let’s preserve the magnificent history that has made Nevada what it is today.”

Michael Yunkin moved to Las Vegas in 1997, got a Master’s degree in Information Science in 2004, and now works as the Head of Web & Application Development for UNLV Libraries. It’s only natural then that Michael volunteers with NPF’s Communication Committee, keeping the website running smoothly and up to date.

“I moved to Las Vegas just in time to enjoy some of the great historic casinos and, sadly, to watch many of them be demolished. My first duties when I began working at the UNLV library involved digitizing important images, videos, and documents from Nevada’s past. Moving into a historic neighborhood downtown and into a great mid-century modern house, I realized that the city really does still have a lot of history left, and that history is worth preserving.”

Take advantage of the volunteer opportunities coming up with Historic Preservation Month and get involved with NPF today! If you are interested in becoming actively involved with NPF as well, please contact us at and let us know. We will try and match you with opportunities that fit your skills, interests and time.

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