Members-Only Home + History Preview Party

NPF is closing in on finishing up the application for Clark County’s first ever historic neighborhood with our clients in Paradise Palms! And to celebrate, NPF is hosting a Home + History Preview Party, the proceeds of which will benefit our Paradise Palms historic neighborhood campaign. As one of our featured neighborhoods in our annual Home + History event, what better way to celebrate than with a members-only, exclusive single house tour through one of Paradise Palms’ glam fabulous homes. In addition to raising money, members will get an exclusive preview of some of the exciting plans for our annual Home + History event.

Members Only Preview Party

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to next year’s Home & History will be the addition of shorter, single home tours which will feature legendary homes in Las Vegas. And to kick off what’s in store, NPF decided to host a members-only Home + History Preview Party where we’ll experience first hand what one of these single home tours is all about. Join us, Saturday August 20th 4:00pm – 6:00pm for an afternoon of fun and vintage home education.

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Limited to just 50 people, members will have a chance to get an up close look into one of Paradise Palms’ unique ’60s style glam-pads as well as a first look at the upcoming events for Home & History 2017. The Preview Party includes a short tour through the featured home below, a full run down on the plans thus far for Home & History 2017, and a NPF members only mixer where we can get to know each other a little better. Complete with hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic refreshments, our members-only Home & History Preview Party promises to be the place to be!

Inside a 1960s Glam Pad

Designed as a custom build for the Kaufman family, our Home + History Preview Party takes place in a home that features true retro ’60s style and lots of vintage charm. Heavy influences of the Atomic Age and Hollywood Regency styles are prevalent within the home, while Roman Revival and Americana influences from the ’60s and ’70s are also on display, giving this home a classic vintage Vegas feel. Rumor has it, the home was host to many a Rat Pack parties and was previously owned by Herb Kaufman, financer of the Silver Slipper and former part-owner with Johnny Carson of KVVU Channel 5.

The home is quite the entertainer’s dream, and can actually be rented by the month through Flipkey for vacationers wanting to visit the retro side of Vegas. Check out what’s in store for this one-of-a-kind home tour party at the link below.

Preview photos of NPF’s Home + History Preview Party’s featured home

Preservation of Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms is perhaps the largest collection of mid-century homes within the Las Vegas Valley. In its heyday, this atomic age neighborhood was home to some of Vegas’ finest. The early 1960s neighborhood exemplifies the Desert Modern style of architecture and features clerestory windows, decorative block screens and asymmetrical, space age roof lines among other eye-catching visual features.

Paradise Palms is a showcase example of modern architecture and because of its architectural importance, as well as the neighborhood’s significance in Las Vegas development and social patterns, Paradise Palms is a prime candidate for historic preservation. Residents of the neighborhood have been lobbying for a historic district for quite some time. In fact, the residents of Paradise Palms were one of the most vocal groups in working with Clark County to develop a historic neighborhood program. So it’s no surprise that Paradise Palms was one of NPF’s first clients and is on the brink of becoming Clark County’s first ever historic neighborhood.

To help with finishing up the application for the first part of Paradise Palms, NPF will be donating the proceeds of this event directly to our Paradise Palms Historic Neighborhood Campaign. As with many first-time applications, we’ve run into a couple unforeseen items that the County requires which puts us a little over budget on the time needed to get the application finished. Proceeds from this event, as well as direct donations from residents within the proposed district will help to get this application finished on schedule this fall.

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