Nevada Preservation Foundation Reaches 100 Members!

Less than a year after the formation of the Nevada Preservation Foundation (NPF), we are happy to announce that we have already reached more than 100 members! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people that have allowed us to reach this membership milestone.

First, we have to thank our very first member, Mi Ann Bennett, who joined NPF on November 11, 2013. Also our very first President’s Circle member(s), Senator Richard “Tick” Segerblom & Sharon Segerblom, who joined on January 13, 2014. We also want to thank our biggest contributor, Martyn Ravenhill (owner of the Liberace Mansion), a Paul R. Williams level member.

Finally, we had a rush of folks joining this month as we neared the magic 100, so we’d like to thank not only our hundredth member – Mario Lopez of Paradise Palms – but also Dan Stafford (99th), Dave and Kelli Myers (101 & 102), and Mike Monahan (103).

Today, we are thankful for all of our energized and involved members. It has been a real pleasure to find NPF welcomed so warmly in our mission to preserve and protect Nevada’s historic buildings and neighborhoods. Our goal is to reach 150 members before the end of the year; please keep sharing NPF with your friends and family.

If you aren’t already a member, join us today!

We look forward to your continued support and hope to see you all at some of our events in the coming months!

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