On November 8, NPF’s Board of Directors held its first Annual Retreat. Directors Alicia Wagner, Clair Canup, Jack LeVine, Jeff Wagner, Jennifer Gaynor, Misty Grimmer and Rob Elliott met for an afternoon of brainstorming at the home of Executive Director, Heidi Swank. On the agenda for consideration was the future of the NPF. Goals for organizational growth, programming, membership and projects for the NPF to take on were all discussed as we prepare to move into our second year as an organization.

Topping the list of priorities is solidifying the organizational structure of the NPF, including adding more board members, planning our list of annual events further in advance, and creating more consistent volunteer opportunities. Other top goals include working on our public relations to raise the profile of the Foundation, to initiate new corporate sponsorships, apply for additional grants, and to create an annual fundraising gala.

The programming and project goals identified include:

  • to successfully attain Historic status for the neighborhoods with whom we are currently working (Beverly Green and Paradise Palms),
  • to begin to work with at least 2-3 new neighborhoods each year,
  • to offer at least two hands-on workshops relating to the maintenance and repair of historic properties annually, and
  • to document the work of additional notable architects in Nevada.

Finally, of course, the board looked to our membership goals. We are beyond happy with the reception the NPF has had in the community so far, and are hoping to reach our goal of 150 new members by the end of 2014. If you haven’t already joined, or know a like-minded person who has yet to join, we are very close to this year-end goal!

These goals are works in progress, and we welcome the input of our membership and other friends in the community. If you have ideas for new historic neighborhoods you’d like to see us work with – including those beyond downtown Las Vegas – please let us know. The same goes for workshops you would like to attend, architects you’d like to see us feature, or any other ideas you have for programming and events. We appreciate the interest and energy of our community and look forward to working with you all for years to come!

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