NPF’s New Year Resolutions

After reflecting back on last year’s successes and learning from our trials and errors as a young organization, Nevada Preservation Foundation’s main resolutions for next year focus around community outreach and involvement. Preservation is most successful when coupled with an engaged and involved community and some of NPF’s greatest successes of the past year have been in our program efforts. With that in mind, we have resolved to strengthen our commitment to creating a strong community of preservationists and look forward to our 2016 programs and events.

Nevada Preservation Foundation’s 2016 resolutions are as follows:

  1. We resolve to finalize the historic designation process for our clients in Beverly Green, Paradise Village, and Paradise Palms. We are very close in two of the three neighborhoods and look to submit our applications by the end of winter. It is our goal to announce historic designation of Beverly Green and Paradise Palms before the summer of 2016. We have also been working on a new plan which will further benefit the investment owners of Paradise Village and help to get Paradise Village designated before the end of the year as well.
  2. We resolve to provide more workshops, articles and materials to help educate our members about energy efficiency in their older homes and buildings. This February, NPF will host a panel discussion on solar energy and panel participants will discuss how to mix solar energy  successfully in older buildings without compromising their historical value.
  3. We resolve to make our Second Annual Home Tour, happening this May, even better that last year. We are already working with the owners of some architectural gems so that we can match or even exceed last year’s attendance for this event. We are also working to ensure our keynote speaker is every bit as interesting as last year and this year we promise to make sure no one is sitting in the sun during the presentation.
  4. We resolve to host our FIRST annual fundraising gala this fall. The event will be an evening of dinner, cocktails and entertainment, coupled with silent auction items and raffle prizes that will make you drool. The gala will serve as NPF’s main fundraiser for the year and is sure to be an evening that our members won’t want to miss.
  5. Lastly, we resolve to just have fun! Last fall’s movie and cocktails event had rave reviews and brought our preservation community together just to enjoy one another’s company. NPF plans to host more social events and meet-ups to further bring us together and keep our community of preservationists growing and engaged.

And as always, let’s not forget to exercise more, eat healthy and drink only when fabulously dressed. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016! Cheers!

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