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“Historic buildings provide the authenticity, the sense of community, the sense of history that bind people in a fast-moving 24/7, ever-changing world. They ground us.”
-Richard Florida

This piece is the last in our series of year end stories from Nevada Preservation Foundation. The end of a year is often a time to look back at what we have accomplished, but also a time to look to the future to what is needed and what is possible. Over these last weeks, we have talked about the work we have been doing. Work that is sorely in need of your support.

This week, I would like to look forward to what Nevada Preservation is planning and what we are hoping to do. We have many plans. We see more work than we have hands to do it. Some days we feel simultaneously amazed at how lucky we are to be working to get historic preservation off the ground in some parts of our state and overwhelmed by what remains to be done.

At present, we are finalizing plans for a community celebration of African American Historic Month in February. As new tenants at the recently restored Historic Westside School, we are working with our fellow tenants and the City of Las Vegas to organize events for the surrounding community. We don’t have everything decided, but we know we will launch two walking tours: the Historic Westside School guided tour and the Berkley Square Neighborhood self-guided tour as part of the February celebrations. We are also hoping to have a cookout to kick things off! Stay tuned!

April 2018 will also mark the fourth year of Home + History Las Vegas. We will showcase two new walking tours, expanded bus tours, all new homes on the Vintage Vegas Home Tour. And the Regional Transportation Commission is working with us to put together a historic bike tour using their Bike Share! And while we aren’t ready to reveal it yet, our Martini Tour is going to be amazing! Home + History 2018 promises to be another fabulous weekend celebrating Nevada history.

Tip of the Iceberg

As we look to 2018, though, we can clearly see how much more there is that needs to be done. For instance, so many Nevada cities and towns are without historic preservation ordinances. Local ordinances are important ways to ensure that our history is recorded and saved. A local register of historic places also serves as a directory to visitors who want to get to know our communities better. It shows them what is important and why. Without these ordinances, preservation and promotion of these places often falters.

And as the economy continues to improve, we know that this also means an increase in the gutting of residential and the demolition of commercial architecture. Not only does this mean a loss of our history and sense of place, but also unnecessarily increases the costs of all of these projects. We are working hard to educate Nevadans on how to work with what they have in both residential and commercial buildings. Looking to other cities, we can see that thinking creatively about reusing older, smaller buildings makes communities that are more walkable and inviting. Our collaborations with the Urban Land Institute and other organizations has begun to educate the community, but we have a long way to go yet to bring these ideas to the entire state.

A Commitment to Nevada’s Past, Present, and Future

NPF is committed to working with communities across the state to find solutions. From thinking creatively about tenants for Eureka’s historic downtown to promoting reuse of historic homes in Reno and reinvigorating residential rehabs in the Historic Westside of Las Vegas, we are excited about the possibilities that Nevada holds for its wealth of historic homes, streets, and districts.

Through historic preservation ordinances, education and outreach, we can build momentum around the retention and reuse of our historic structures. Historic Preservation is about more than just the love of old buildings, it is about finding creative ways to reuse buildings, mix new and old buildings, and employ Nevadans in rehabilitating them.

We are so looking forward to 2018! There is so much that we have planned and more that we are looking toward. 2018 will be a significant year for Nevada Preservation Foundation. We would love to have you join us through your support of any amount!

Invest in Nevada’s history by investing in Nevada Preservation Foundation.

Did you know:

  • $50 can pay for 100 Berkley Square walk tour guidebooks
  • $100 could help to rent a space in Elko to videoconference a talk or workshop
  • $250 can cover the cost of two people to attend a Nevada Preservation historic preservation workshop

We are looking for your support as we start our fifth year. Please give today!

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