Paradise Palms II Historic Neighborhood Campaign

Why does the preservation of Paradise Palms matter? According to the Clark County Historic Overlay ordinance, creating a historic neighborhood provides homeowners the opportunity to preserve the distinctive architectural, economic, and cultural characteristics of their residential neighborhood.

Designating Paradise Palms as a historic neighborhood will have many advantages. The most obvious benefit is the recognition that Paradise Palms is an important part of Las Vegas’ greater history. There are economic and social benefits too. Becoming a historic neighborhood can often help to stabilize neighborhoods. This is particularly in urban areas where central city neighborhoods like Paradise Palms experienced significant decline due to the national trend of suburbanization across America.  Additionally, properties within historic neighborhoods often appreciate faster their non-historic neighbors, retaining higher property values overall. Homeowners in historic neighborhoods also often exhibit a greater pride of ownership and community, resulting in homes that are well-maintained and higher quality rehabs. The protections that come with living in a historic district are often not as restrictive as people think and there are little to no additional fees.

Support the Historic Designation Campaign

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Quick Guide to Historic Neighborhood Designation

The Process

  • Step 1: The Paradise Palms Neighborhood Association contracted Nevada Preservation to run a historic designation campaign for Paradise Palms in 2014.
  • Step 2: Divide the neighborhood into phases to make the historic designation process more manageable. We are now in Phase II.
  • Step 3: Gather 51% of homeowner and property owner support for creating a historic neighborhood overlay within Clark County.
  • Step 4: Submit application to the Clark County Planning Department.
  • Step 5: Seek approval from the Paradise Town Advisory Board and the Clark County Commission and become a Historic Neighborhood in Clark County! 

What is a Historic Neighborhood Overlay?

A Historic Neighborhood Overlay helps to preserve the distinctive architectural, economic, and cultural characteristics of residential neighborhoods and districts. The overlay provides additional protections through what is known as a design review process. These protections apply only to the exterior, street view of the home or structure.

The design review process occurs for the following:

  • All new construction
  • Permitted additions to an existing building exceeding more than 10% of the visible area
  • Any significant alteration to the exterior view of the home
  • Design review only applies to the exterior, street view of the home or structure.

The design review process requires:

  • A neighborhood meeting, notification of the meeting, and documentation of the meeting
  • Application approval by the Clark County Commission at a design review hearing

Learn about the Historic Neighborhood Overlay process here:
(Select chapter 30.48 and skip to Part O)

Preservation Myths

Having your property individually listed or as a contributor to a historic district does not mean that you must keep your house original, often that is far from the case. The aim of most preservation initiatives is to keep the home and neighborhood cohesive with the era of construction and development. In Paradise Palms, this era is primarily between 1960 – 1967, although some later home construction is included as well. This does mean that alterations to the exterior of your home or business will have to go through the design review process mentioned above. While the design review process protects the neighborhood from major construction alterations, is does not regulate homeowner updates such as interior spaces, paint colors, or landscape. The historic neighborhood overlay is in place simply to keep your home or business looking true to the historic character of the area. Other common myths include those about the sustainability and efficiency of older building stock. Although it is often heard, it would be false to say that for the purpose of energy efficiency you must install new windows in a historic building. The difference in efficiency between modern windows and historic ones are slim. It can take as long as 40 years to recoup the money spent on installing energy efficient windows. Other energy efficient upgrades such as solar panels or ADA upgrades are also not regulated during the design review process.

Overview of Nevada Preservation

Nevada Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings and neighborhoods within the Las Vegas Valley and throughout the state of Nevada.  We work closely with communities, neighborhoods, business owners, and homeowners to provide information and access to statewide preservation resources as well as provide historic designation assistance. Applications for historic designation require substantial research, building community buy-in and support through community outreach, and an understanding of the requirements of each type of register – national, state or local. We have the knowledge and staff to support all aspects of the historic designation process.

Read more about Nevada Preservations mission and services here.