ReBAR Gives Back to Preservation

“Beer. Wine. Bargains.” This is the mantra at ReBAR, a new establishment in Antique Alley on Main Street. It’s a small, neighborhood bar that doubles as a retail antique shop. Everything is for sale, including the chair you are sitting on and the glass you’re drinking from. But there’s more than meets the eye at ReBAR. In just three short months of being open to the public, ReBAR has made a real commitment to Nevada Preservation Foundation and the local preservation community.

Since it’s opening, ReBAR has provided many opportunities to partner with NPF, both in helping to increase the overall awareness of the importance of preservation and by donating funds directly to NPF. The most recent partnership between NPF and ReBAR occurred just a few short weeks ago when NPF asked for help in putting on a fundraiser to raise to some much needed funds for their neighborhood client Paradise Palms.

A Punch for Paradise Palms

Just last month, ReBAR hosted a happy hour for NPF’s first neighborhood fundraiser, a joint effort with the Paradise Palms neighborhood to raise money for the Paradise Palms I Historic Neighborhood campaign. ReBAR created an all-you-can-drink “Paradise Punch” cocktail, which was offered on a donation basis for those wanting to support NPF’s work with the Paradise Palms neighborhood. In addition, 30% of all goods sold at ReBAR during the happy hour fundraiser were donated to our Paradise Palms campaign as well.

Local Paradise Palms residents Kim and Chris Harvey had graciously offered to match any donations given to the Paradise Palms I Historic Neighborhood Campaign up to $1000. Once ReBAR partners Derek Stonebarger and Charlie Vlasic (among others) got wind of this, they quickly offered to help out in anyway we needed so we could take advantage of the full, pledged amount offered by the Harveys. ReBAR offered their venue space, bar staff and alcohol to NPF for the event, all of which were almost entirely donated to the cause. This offer virtually guaranteed that we could meet our fundraising goals.

The evening was an absolute hit, and we raised just over a $1000! Coupled with the Harvey’s generous donation, NPF was able to raise just over $2000 towards the funds needed for the upcoming work required to complete the Paradise Palms I Historic Neighborhood campaign.

Thank you ReBAR, Kim and Chris Harvey, Palmer residents and preservation supporters who came out and made this event such a success!

Charitable Cocktails

And if that’s not enough, it gets even better! Part of ReBAR’s ongoing menu is their Charitable Cocktails section, where a portion of the drink sales go back to a handful of local non-profits and charities in Las Vegas. Drinks include the Preservation Press and the Huntridge Old Fashioned, which benefit not only NPF but the Huntridge Foundation as well. That’s two preservation groups!

After ReBAR’s opening quarter, NPF received another $100 from ReBAR as a designated non-profit on the charitable cocktails list! And we know from past experience that our readers love a good cocktail. So stop by ReBAR on your next social outing and make sure to have a charitable cocktail as your first drink to help ReBAR keep supporting NPF and the rest of our local community!

Beer. Wine, Bargains. And Preservation!
Thank You ReBAR.

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