Residential Consultations


Are you looking for that right color of tile for your bathroom rehabilitation? How about finding a period sink for your Palmer & Krisel or Hugh Taylor?

We offer homeowners support in identifying appropriate period design applications, construction and rehabilitation techniques and products and materials for their project. Interested in learning who owned your historic home originally? We can also research your home's past.

It’s a common myth that old buildings are not useful or efficient. Preservation promotes the idea of adaptive reuse and encourages modern practices. That’s not to say, however, that old and historic buildings couldn’t use a little assistance to be brought up to today’s standards of design and efficiency. Simple rehabilitation techniques, combined with like, period appropriate products are often all that is needed to bring an old building up to par.

We also offer support in navigating local standards and design guidelines when working on historically designated properties.

Contact Heidi at (855) 968-3973, Ext. 701 if you are interested in this service.