Service Provider Directory Coming Soon

So you own a mid-century modern home … congratulations!

Perhaps you’ve already tackled all of the necessary upgrades and renovations that are needed to make your home a livable masterpiece.

Or, perhaps not – and you are overwhelmed with the projects on your list. Because, while visually attractive, your home is likely in need of some upgrades. Many mid-mod homeowners find that their electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems need an update after 50 + years of operation. You may have leaky faucets, inadequate heating/cooling, practically non-existent wall or ceiling insulation, drafty windows, and light switches that don’t seem to operate anything in the home at all.

If this sounds like your home, never fear: NPF’s Service Provider Directory is on its way to you later this year. At NPF, we understand that it takes a special service provider to understand the specific quirks and needs of your mid-century modern home. Someone who will take the time to do the job right, with quality materials, while respecting the unique architectural details of your home.

In response, it is our mission at NPF to put together a service provider directory with those special providers who come highly recommended by our members and others in the know.

If you have a provider that has worked wonders for your mid-century home, we want to know! Post your recommendations in the comments below and look for more details on our service provider directory in the coming months.

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