If you’re anything like me, summer can start to be a little hard to handle. The heat is often unbearable, leaving us cooped up inside and yearning for fall, when we can play outdoors again. But why wait for cooler temperatures when we can have fun right now? At Nevada Preservation we decided we’re going to bring the fun of the outdoors to us with an indoor picnic and potluck right here at the Historic Westside School.

This year, as part of our annual summer programming, we’re hosting a Summer Throwback Picnic and Potluck. It’s time to break out your summer picnic attire and vintage recipe books and join us for an afternoon of homemade cuisine, indoor games, and a rockin’ good time!

Bring a (Vintage) Dish to Share

Much of our country’s shared history can be learned through recipes of the past. Local resources, customs, and trends are often reflected in the popular recipes of their time. As such, we’re asking everyone to bring a vintage-inspired dish to share. This might be from a fun recipe you’ve found online or in an old, cookbook you’ve kept in the kitchen for years. Or, perhaps you have an old recipe that’s been in your family for years and invokes memories and stories from your past. Whatever the source may be, we’d like all attendees to bring a dish that is inspired by your favorite recipes of the past.

Fun, Games, and Prizes

We’ll also have a few games set up for kids and adults alike. Feel free to bring along your favorite indoor appropriate game to play as well.

In addition to the potluck, we’ll be giving away a few fun prizes for some of the most beloved dishes of the day. Attendees will vote on their favorites and winners will take home NPF swag and assorted items. Categories include: favorite dish, most authentic vintage recipe, and most visually interesting dish. So, break out those recipe books and throw your best apron on and join us for a leisurely afternoon out of the sun.

If you’re looking for inspiration or would like to know more about the history of cooking, take a look at this blog post by NPF from a few years ago.

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  1. BEVERLY SAPERSTEIN on July 23, 2018 at 10:59 pm


  2. Marg Woodgate on August 1, 2018 at 2:54 am

    We have a membership with NPF even though we live in Brisbane, Australia. We will be coming along to the weekend in Vegas next year. But as I read about this fun picnic, get together, I declared to my husband, ” I think we should live in Nevada” If only!
    Have a wonderful time at the picnic and have a ‘pineapple filled jelly’ for me.
    warm regards
    Marg Woodgate

    • Michelle Larime on August 14, 2018 at 5:59 pm

      Hi Marg! We can’t wait for you to visit us in April. And now we’re hoping you’ll bring along some pineapple filled jelly 😉

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