Super Pawn Exterior Design Consultation

In 2013, Super Pawn took over a 1962 Zick and Sharp building that had been home to the First National Bank of Nevada and then the First Interstate Bank of Nevada. In 2000, this building ceased being used as a bank and was occupied by several other businesses until 2013.

When Super Pawn took over this significant mid-century building, they asked us to assist them with retaining as much of the building's historic integrity as possible. We helped them find a new home for the metal screen on the west side of the building, as it was no longer useful for their renovation plans. And while we prefer that such features remain with the building, rehoming significant architectural elements is always preferable over sending it to a landfill.

Super Pawn did retain the white rock wall at the building's original entrance and we designed the color scheme for the exterior of the building. Our intent was to highlight the significant characteristics of the building while incorporating Super Pawn's existing color scheme. Changing the color scheme of a pawn shop in Las Vegas — where ordinance requires them to use muted colors — did require special permission from the Las Vegas City Council, an extra step we were happy to do.

Overall, Super Pawn’s willingness to maintain the building's historic integrity ensures that this 1962 Zick and Sharp continues to contribute to our community’s history.