Threatened Properties Program

The Threatened Properties Program (TPP) is the main project that the Neighborhood Stabilization division oversees. The TPP was launched in 2018 and focuses on the Historic Westside neighborhood of Las Vegas, where our main office is located. Using the structure of a revolving fund, the TPP works to rehabilitate vacant and abandoned homes in this segregation-era neighborhood, bringing them back to life while simultaneously working to provide the community with affordable housing options.

As of fall 2019, the TPP is concluding the feasibility study conducted by Hanbury Preservation and funded by the 1772 Foundation. The next steps in planning are to engage further with Hanbury Preservation to develop a business plan. We are also currently seeking funding for seed money that will allow us to receive our first vacant property by mid-2020 and begin its rehabilitation.

Nevada Preservation has been talking with the Historic Macon Foundation as we progress through the planning process for the TPP. We invite you to visit the Historic Macon Foundation's website to see what is possible with a program like the TPP.

We hold regular community meetings to engage with the neighborhood regarding the development of the TPP. If you would like to receive information about our meetings, please join our mailing list. We welcome anyone who would like to provide us advice about the program or just hear where we are in the program's development.

Our Progress

NPF is in the planning stages of the Threatened Properties Program. This includes conducting a feasibility study, developing a business plan, approving operating policies and procedures, and securing seed money to launch the fund.

To date, NPF has received three generous grants to assist us. NPF was awarded $24,000 from the 1772 Foundation to complete the feasibility study as well as $44,700 from the Las Vegas Centennial Commission to complete the business plan as well as to engage in early outreach with community stakeholders and residents. The feasibility study and business plan will be completed by Hanbury Preservation. We also received a grant of $50,000 from the National Trust's African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund to hire North Wind Consulting to conduct a historic resource survey of the larger Westside neighborhood.

You can download the completed feasibility study below:

TPP Feasibility Study 2019