With Halloween over, the winter holidays are officially upon us. November traditionally brings cool weather, winter soups and fresh cookie recipes as well as marks the biggest shopping month of the year. As the holidays approach, we will all no doubt be out and about searching for the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones. If you are anything like me, my perfect gift is usually sitting inside one of the many unique antique/collectible shops located downtown on South Main Street. In an effort to find the best deals and hottest items this holiday season, I headed down to Main Street to ask some of our local antique experts. Check out their answers and insider tips for this year’s vintage market in the holiday shopping guide below!

Funk House
Owned by Cindy Funkhouser
located at 1228 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

The Funk House is not only home to some of the best finds within the antique market, but is also the first antique shop in what is now known as Antique Alley in the downtown Arts District. Cindy Funkhouser has been buying and selling antiques longer than most of us remember, and is one of the primary individuals responsible for the resurgence of the antique market in Las Vegas. In fact, this November marks the 14th anniversary of The Funk House (in its current location) and Cindy will be celebrating with anniversary and holiday specials throughout the coming months. The Funk House also celebrates an event known as Plaid Friday. Similar to Black Friday, Plaid Friday occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving but draws attention to small, individually owned businesses across the United States. Everyone is encouraged to wear plaid in support and receive special discounts. The Saturday following Thanksgiving is nationally recognized as Small Biz Saturday, so the discounts will continue throughout the weekend.

These holiday specials come just in time, as there is no end to gift options one can find among the merchandise offered at The Funk House. One hot item among Cindy’s antique inventory is a collection of vintage magician/magic books including a limited edition set on Harry Houdini. Not yet on display, it is rumored the set is in excellent vintage condition and will be showcased among the eclectic mix offered at The Funkhouse. “I never know what I will be buying until I get that email or call which inspires me to go out and take a look, and ultimately purchase something for the store which fits into our eclectic mix.” With years of experience under her belt, Cindy knows that customers are “always looking for holiday items like decorative platters for serving, cocktail sets, vintage tree ornaments and holiday tree stands”. We can expect there to be quite a selection to choose from come holiday shopping at The Funk House this year. When asked what was on her personal wish list, Cindy Funkhouser replied, “Hmmm, let me think… I am the person that does not want stuff. A pleasant holiday season would be nice enough”. Well, lucky for us, there is plenty to want at The Funk House so head on down and see what Cindy has in store for you and your loved ones.

Glam Factory
Owned by Stephanie Roshto
located at 211 E Colorado St. Las Vegas, Nv 89104

The holiday season is just one more reason for a fabulous cocktail party! Don’t have anything to wear? Not to worry, as Glam Factory Vintage is stocked to the nines, full of men’s and women’s retro clothing styles. Specializing in authentic vintage clothing of the 40’s – 70’s, Glam Factory stocks all local old Vegas styles, featuring classic velvet lined smoking jackets, tux jackets, and cocktail dresses as well as vintage footwear and handbags. Currently, the shop is showcasing stage dresses from the Stardust and Tropicana as well as two beautiful showgirl, swan headpieces. Evening wear is by far the season’s bestseller and Stephanie has noticed that this year’s trend has been the 60’s cocktail dress as well as anything adorned with sequins and beaded glitz. 

“Glitz is really in right now. As fast as I can get these beaded, sequined tops in, they sell even faster. It seems I can never have enough. Those and the 60’s style cocktail dress. Those are always hot and the girls love them.”

In addition to evening wear, Glam Factory Vintage sells casual and professional styles of clothing, as well as jewelry and small vintage trinkets and collectibles. Another hot item at Glam Factory is Bakelite jewelry. Stephanie herself is a fiend for Bakelite jewelry. “Gigantic stacks of Bakelite. That’s what I want for Christmas. I can never have enough.” Whether your shopping for yourself or a friend, make sure to stop by and see Stephanie for some glam this holiday season.

Patina Decor
Owned by Kate Aldrich and Tim Shaffer
located at 1300 S. Main St. Ste 140 Las Vegas, Nv 89104

While Patina won’t be showcasing too many seasonal items, it’s the best place to go if you are looking for that specific something you have been searching for but just can’t seem to find. Among its high end collection of designer labels and almost entirely original merchandise, Patina owners Kate Aldrich and Tim Shaffer offer special services in the buyer/seller trade of vintage antiques. The husband and wife pair have been known to take on personal shopper roles for many of their high end clientele, seeking out specific designers and pieces that can be hard to find on your own. Kate describes their role in the vintage market as “we usually sell more than one piece to our buyers. Once someone purchases one piece, let’s say a sofa or a table, they come back for something to match it. And often times, it’s not something we have in the store, but something we will go out and find for our customers”.

Patina prides itself on stocking nicely high end merchandise. All of their pieces are bought knowing the designer and history of the piece and must be in top notch condition. Patina also offers a wide selection of vintage clothing, something Kate pointed out as a hot trend this past year. “Mid century modern and vintage clothing certainly are the vintage trends right now.” Kate expects the vintage clothing to be a seasonal best seller as well. When asked what was on her personal wish list this year, Kate Aldrich replied, “Jewelry and clothing. Especially jewelry. And the husband usually comes through on that, too”. If you are like Kate or are shopping for someone with a taste for the designers of yesteryear, head on down to Patina and let Tim and Kate find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Retro Vegas
Owned by Bill Johnson and Marc Comstock
located at 1131 S. Main St. Las Vegas, Nv 89104

If holiday ornaments are high on your list of collectibles, then head to Retro Vegas for this year’s assortment of vintage holiday ornaments and decor. According to owners Bill and Marc, seasonal sales have picked up quite a bit over the past few years and vintage holiday ornaments are always a popular item in bringing in local customers during the holiday shopping season. Another big seasonal trend tends to be in lighting, both seasonal decor lighting as well as interior vintage lighting. It seems to go hand in hand that as the sunlight hours get shorter, lighting 

sales increase as the holiday season reminds people of the allure and charm that vintage lighting offers. This year’s hot ticket item will be a 1960’s style aluminum Christmas tree complete with the original color wheel. Look for it to hit the floor early November.

When asked what was on Bill’s personal wish list this year, he replied “I just hope we’re able to sell lots of stuff. Year Round.” Well, that shouldn’t be a problem with the unique inventory that comes through Retro Vegas year round. In general, Retro Vegas offers a wide variety of vintage merchandise and has price points to fit any shopper’s budget. Whether you are looking for designer labels or a small knickknack reminiscent of younger years, you are sure to find something unique to add to your gift bag here.

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