What is #ThisPlaceMatters anyway?

I’m sure you’ve seen them on Instagram, Facebook, and lots of other social media sites. There’s somebody standing in front of some building, structure, sign, whatever smiling and holding a sign that says This Place Matters. But do you really know what they are doing? What does This Place Matters really mean?

What is #ThisPlaceMatters

It was started about seven years ago by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a simple way for people to mark the places that mean something to them. It’s an easy group project that only requires a bit of paper and a camera or phone.

The “This Place Matters” campaign started in 2008 as a way for people to shine a spotlight on the historic places that played a role in their lives. Basically, it’s like crowdsourcing people’s personal connections to the built environment,” says Jason Clement, director of community outreach at the National Trust. “And the best part — there are zero rules. These can be places that are large or small, nationally significant or personally priceless, historic or maybe just old. They just have to mean something to you.”

And participating is easier than easy. You simply visit the Saving Places website, download the sign and print it. Then whenever you are at a place that matters to you, take a photo of you with the sign and post it to social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters, as the National Trust will feature photos on their website when using this hashtag.

This Place Matters Photo at Huntridge Theater

As many of you know, May is Historic Preservation month nationwide. Because of the importance of this month to preservation, we will be promoting #ThisPlaceMatters throughout the month, starting with our upcoming Vintage Vegas Home & History weekend.

Our This Place Matters campaign will start off Friday evening, May 6th, at 6pm as we join the Huntridge Foundation in front of the Huntridge Theater for a group photo with our This Place Matters signs. Wear orange if you have it, print out a This Place Matters sign (or pick one up there) and head down to the Huntridge Theater so we can show the nation just how much the Huntridge means to us. Afterwards, we’ll head over the Huntridge Tavern where raffle prizes and Deschutes beer sales will go towards supporting the Huntridge Foundation and their efforts towards saving the theater and revitalizing the Huntridge community.

Take Photos for All of May

Even if you can’t attend the event on Friday, you can still participate! Keep a This Place Matters sign in your car and take photos of yourself at your favorite places. We want to see what matters to you! Make sure to use the hashtag #NVPreservation as well as #ThisPlaceMatters. Help us get national recognition on the Historic Trust for National Preservation’s website, as they will be posting photos of the most popular places.

We encourage you to download the sign and take photos throughout the month of May of places that matter to you here in Las Vegas. You can also download our Modernism at Risk map (.pdf), and use it as a suggested guide for buildings that matter in Las Vegas.

If you are going to Home & History, when you check in for the Home Tour on May 8, look for your orange This Place Matters sign included in your packet. We are encouraging everyone who attends to take lots of photos of themselves holding the sign at the houses they tour as well. Post your photos to social media with the hashtags #ThisPlaceMatters and #NVHomeAndHistory. NPF will be using photos with our hashtag to raise further awareness of the preservation of historic neighborhoods in our community.

The National Trust will be perusing all photos with their hashtag and promoting their favorites nationally. Let’s get Nevada all over their website!

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