What’s Been Going On?!? Get the Skinny on Beverly Green, Paradise Village, and Paradise Palms

The core mission for the Nevada Preservation Foundation has been to work with neighborhoods as well as a residential and commercial property owners to obtain historic designations. These designations could be at the city, county, state, or federal levels. Over the past year and a half since the organization’s start, we have been working with two clients on three proposed historic districts/neighborhoods: Beverly Green, Paradise Village, and Paradise Palms. As we make our way through our second year, we thought it would be helpful to catch you all up on how these efforts are going.

Beverly Green and Paradise Village are two proposed historic districts within the larger neighborhood of Beverly Green. Located within the Las Vegas city limits, the process for becoming a historic district involves obtaining support from 51% of the property owners in each proposed district. After support has been obtained in writing, NPF will work with the Las Vegas Historic Preservation Office to complete the historic district application and then we provide assistance at the three levels of city meetings: Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission and finally the City Council.

For Paradise Palms, the process is a little different. Moreover, this’ll be the first time it will be used in the history of Clark County. Quite exciting! Like the city of Las Vegas’ process, we need to have 51% of the property owners signed on in support and NPF will work with the County to complete the historic neighborhood application. After that, though, there is only the hearing at the Clark County Commission. 

If all goes well at that one meeting, the process is done!

In addition to the overall process, we thought you would want to know a bit more on each of the historic district/neighborhood campaigns. We’ve provided a brief overview of where each campaign is, as well as a link to our website with more information on each proposed district/neighborhood.

Beverly Green Historic District

Beverly Green

This proposed historic district is made up of 117 homes and eight multi-family buildings. Many of the individual homes were custom-built by named architects and were owned by many prominent early Las Vegans. We have been working in this district since early 2014. And we are happy to say that we are only seven letters of support away from having the required 51% of the property owners signed on!

As a majority homeowner-occupied neighborhood, these efforts have gone pretty smoothly. We have run into some concerns about the replacement of hot water heaters and being able to paint one’s home (neither of which are problematic in a historic district), but for the most part there has been a lot of support. We have very few letters of opposition from this proposed district, so we anticipate few obstacles as we move forward.

 Learn more about Beverly Green … 

Paradise Village Historic District

Located south of St. Louis Avenue, Paradise Village is an extremely historically significant community in Las Vegas. The first known development by locally renowned architects Zick and Sharp, the asymmetrical rooflines of the Contemporary style of Paradise Village home is at least 10 years before this style appeared in other places in the United States. Talk about ahead of its time!

However, as a majority rental property neighborhood, we have struggled to reach out to and engage investment owners. There are many reasons that historic designation should appeal to investment owners, so we are working hard to find other ways to get buy-in from these property owners. In addition, there are many residents for whom historic preservation is a new idea. Thus, we are planning to have some social events this fall that will bring the community together and provide the neighborhood with more information on how historic designation can help them.

With 180 houses in this proposed historic district, we need 92 letters of support from property owners. At present, we have 22. Yet, we are confident that with the new approaches we have in the works that Paradise Village could be named a historic district by the end of 2017.

 Learn more about Paradise Village …

Paradise Palms I

Paradise Village home

In the county, we are working with the Paradise Palms neighborhood. Made up of almost 1000 individual homes, we are currently working on the original section of this master-planned community called Paradise Palms I. Over the last year and a half, a dedicated group of Paradise Palmers have canvassed and stuffed envelopes to reach out to their neighbors.

Paradise Palms I is made up of 218 homes. Thus, we need at least 110 homeowners signed on in support in order to become a historic neighborhood. We are currently just 14  letters short of this goal! And with absolutely no opposition registered, we are looking forward to Clark County’s first Historic Neighborhood by the end of this year!

Learn more about Paradise Palms …

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