Volunteers in Preservation (ViP) Program

Become a NPF ViP and meet other preservationists and advocates working to preserve our architectural past for generations to come.

Nevada Preservation’s ViP program features a variety of volunteer opportunities, with varying degrees of time commitments that can accommodate the needs of all of our interested volunteers. Some of these opportunities are recurring commitments and include specialized advisory committees and planning committees, while other opportunities are one-time only obligations, such as helping to staff a particular event or intermittent help around the office.

Specific volunteer opportunities are posted through Volunteer Match.

Why Volunteer?

NPF is always on the lookout for committed volunteers to join our Volunteers in Preservation (ViP) program. The ViP program connects NPF volunteers with enriching experiences and projects that promote the appreciation and preservation of Nevada’s architectural heritage. A sense of place is about people and the relationships they build in their community. NPF’s ViP program helps to foster these relationships and builds an engaged community of preservationists. Through community outreach, educational programming and various historic designation assistance, ViPs will contribute to a collective effort to retain, restore and remember Nevada’s architectural past.

Volunteer Events

The ViP program meets bi-monthly and serves as a way for our volunteers to learn more about preservation and our mission. ViP meetings will be activity based to help train our volunteers for upcoming events as well as cultivate engaged and passionate volunteers for our organization. Twice a year, these meetings will be informative and will offer a chance for new volunteers to learn about and join the program. Please check our event calendar for upcoming volunteer meetings.

NPF’s ViP program also supports volunteer recognition, primarily based on the time commitment given to NPF. Volunteers can collect NPF diamonds which can be turned in for NPF swag and preservation-inspired memorabilia. In addition, stand out volunteers will be recognized quarterly in our Preservation NOW blog. NPF also hosts an annual, volunteer-only cocktail party, hosted by NPF board members and staff.

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Become a ViP Today

Application Requirements: Interested volunteers must fill out the volunteer info form. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you shortly after you form is received. Please allow at least 7-10 days for a response as our volunteers are coordinated through, you guessed it, a volunteer! We look forward to working with you in the near future and thank you for your commitment to preservation here in Nevada.